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I have a teenager with low self esteem, she has a desperate need to feel accepted by everyone from her fellow students to teachers ... actually everybody! She is so desperate for friends that when she makes a new friend she can smother them ... her friendships at school never seem to last very long and before I know it she is being ridiculed and teased. I really feel for her and wish she didn't have to go through this ... I wish that kids weren't so cruel :( - however, this leads me to my dilemma ... does her low self esteem mean I should excuse her other behavior for fear of making her feel more "worthless". She seems to be obsessed with relationships and perhaps it is because she has never had a "boyfriend". She is in school and her concentration should be on learning ... school isn't a social gathering; it's a place to get the foundations of an education. She just doesn't seem to care. I have recently discovered forged tests and many of her school notes in disarray ... she could very well fail this year and part of me thinks it would be a good thing; a wake up call to start acting more responsibly. That said, I know that it will damage her self esteem even more. How do you get a teenager to focus; to take schooling seriously; to stop living in a bubble where they believe that 'Mom will not find out' and forge your signature on tests?
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