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I am 8 weeks pregnant and me and the father just had a really messy breakup with no going back. I'm scared to be pregnant and eventually be a mom on my own. Some people are telling me to get an abortion but some are saying I shouldn't including his family. I don't know what to do . ): I'm devastated.
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Name: Kayla | Date: Aug 14th, 2013 2:01 PM
I was 12 weeks pregnant when me and my partner broke up and I was also told to get an abortion . I couldn't even think about doing that but I decided to keep his family involved because I felt ther deserved to see thier grand child , just because he did the wrong thing they shouldn't be punished . It just depends on your relationship with his family and only listen to your heart and do the right thing for the baby. Don't listen to anyone else . 

Name: Sam | Date: Aug 15th, 2013 4:43 AM
When I was pregnant me and the baby's father broke up several times during the pregnancy. In the beginning I also thought of getting an abortion because I wasn't always certain on his support, but I always told myself that just because the father may be an asshole now, doesn't mean that my baby doesn't deserve the chance at life. Have faith. Even if he chooses not to be there now, or later on, think long term and that being inside you who can't wait to meet you. Parents everyday care for a bay by themselves. Don't be scared. Have faith in yourself. Also know that the first year of having a baby includin pregnancy is very hard on a relationship. This won't be the last break up or argument, that's just how it is. But it sounds like you have his families support. You will find support and people who care. The father will learn over time :) 

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