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Not sure whether this is something anyone can help me with on here, but I dont know what to do and I need some advice.

My ex and I separated 3 yrs ago, everything has finally been settled between us, and access and maintenance has all been agreed.

However, his current partner seems to get involved in every process of me and him being parents, I have come to terms with this now and have advised them both that I dont care for her input regarding the children but she can talk to the childrens Dad and he can talk to me if he thinks the topis is justified. I have recently discovered though that she has admitted she does things to wind me up and does this as often as she can, I dont rise to this although its been hard. It has also come to my attention that she has been surfing the internet trying to find things out about me and on her history tab I come up.

I chose to ignore most things, but this concerns me alot ! Should I continue to ignore the situation or do something about it?

The main concern for me is the children and they seem happy to go to their Dads whenever they can, which is why I think its best just to carry on as I am.

What do you think? I am right to do this, or should I confront her?
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