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So I will keep this short as I can. Had a beautiful baby girl one month ago with my ex, but hed left town while I was 2 months pregnant to live with his new girlfriend in TX and stayed there my entire pregnancy and during the birth as well, things didnt work out with them there financially and he called me after our daughter was born needing help to get back home to our home in LA. He had promises of being a daddy and rebuilding a friendship with me for our daughter. Only he (with my monetary help) got home and did a complete 180. He demanded a DNA test, which I took and it proved he is the father then after that I found out although his girl didnt come back to our city with him she is in LA and they are still together pursuing a long distance relationship. She calls me and tells me he says the child isnt his. I tell her about paternity was proven she says shes 2 months pregnant. I go after him to ask why he lied and he tells me point blank thanks for the ticket home but I dont want anything to do with you or your baby and I will be a father to my baby on the way but not yours.

Ive done nothing but help him since hes been home then he found work and sends all his money to her shuts out my baby and even goes as far as to demand his family have nothing to do with my child now its been three days since I heard from him. He did text to ask me how she was but since Ive heard nothing from him or his family. Im SO heartbroken and dont understand how he can turn on me so quickly. He went from tryin sort of to calling me terrible names and telling me have fun raising a baby with no dad AFTER he felt me and the baby will threaten his current reationship. And if he cant even love my baby is he capable of loving hers on the way. Im so scared this will happen seeing as how they have tattoo's of each others names and seem madly in love enough to scam others together for their own gain....ADVICE PLEASE!
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