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I'm 24 I'm the single mother of a three year old! My son's dad has never been around. I have raised him alone along with help from family. We are currently living at home with my grandparents. I was dating a man 8 years older than me. We hadnt dated nothing but a short time and I'm now pregnant with his child. Although I has stated I didnt want anymore children until I was married......here I am again. The day I told him he said he wanted me to get an abortion....I agreed not knowing how far along I was, I knew nothing about abortion......after research I changed my mind. I told him that I couldnt go through with the abortion....he has kinda scared me by saying I better do it. He cant afford it. And so on. Well I cant afford it either. But I'm not killing an innocent life for a mans love. He said if I have the abortion he'll stay with me. But if I have it...he's not going to be with me. So I broke up with him. I guess I just need to know that I made the right choice...even tho it's going to be extremely hard with 2 kids...and no dad around. Maybe he'll change his mind....but I wont beg him. I told him to just move on! Help.......I just need some reassurance!
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