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Im a single mother of 3 kids. Two boys 13, and 10 and 1 girl 6. I work full time, and have absolutely no help from anyone. I do everything by myself have no time for myself which I have grown to accept. My kids are all on summer vacation but I still have to work, My youngest 2 are in daycare all day. My oldest stays home all day. Just the other day and asked him to fold some laundry. I get home from a hectic day at work (just like any other day) and he had some clothes folded but I had a basket of towels which he knew where clean because he took them out of the dryer.. Well the towels were on the floor. I flipped out on him which now I feel terrible about. I just dont know how to make this right. He's staying with my mom for a couple of days but i just cant go on like this i cant
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