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Hi all- hopefully you can help- I'm writing this for a friend; she has a son who is 4, and developmentally delayed. He's about 2-3 mentally. He has some sensory issues and anger issues as well. He is on medication for anger/hyper activity.
Today, as my friend was out waiting for a bus with her son and her 3 yr old daughter, her son pushed her daughter into the road. Thankfully, she was not badly injured, and cars were far enough away that they were able to slow down. As you can imagine, my friend was hysterical. She's now afraid for her other children's safety in a much more serious way than the usual bickering and hitting. The son attends a special school, and occupational therapy, and as mentioned, he's already on medication for what he's be diagnosed with.
What can she do to ensure the safety of her other children?
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