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I was hoping to get some feedback on Nuchal fold testing. I did the NT screen test at 11 weeks and my results were good, meaning my chances of chromosome abnormalities in the baby were low. When I went in for my second trimester ultrasound at 21 weeks my nuchal fold was measuring higher around 5mm, in certain images. The dr. said it could be the babies positioning that caused the increase in the fold but then again it could not. Has anyone experienced anything like this with the NT screen test?
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Name: Kristin | Date: May 11th, 2006 11:43 PM
Wendy, have you taken a triple screen blood test? At 20 weeks my baby had a spot on the heart and dialated kidneys. I was so terrified because of how they talked of downs syndrome. I went back at 34 weeks and the spot on the heart was gone and only one kidney had a little dialation. I was told my risk of having a downs baby was very small and would be rare. I also have a friend that got an ultrasound and they told her the baby's nasal bone was missing....then when she went and got her second ultrasound there was a nasal bone and it looked great. I guess my point is sometimes its hard to get exact measurements in ultrasounds and all it does is scare you. Im sure you are terrified right now, but I bet you anything everything is fine w/ your baby. If I were you, I would go get a level 2 ultrasound. Get a referal of a genetics counselor from your doctor. Not that I think you have anything to worry about, but they can help put your mind at ease, and get some better measurements. Hope this helps :) good luck to you. 

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