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Name: abigail kirby
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my name is Abigail and i was diagnosed with chromosome 12 deletion and has learning disabilities. She has Perthes disease in her left hip - her leg length discrepancy is 5cm and contracture 5th finger in my left hand,, eczema and asthma, right upper renal scarring with cyst in lower pole kidney. She also has hypertension, ADHD and behaviour problems.

i well be going into hospital for a leg length discrepancy operation at Durham university hospital i well be going in to hospital on Monday 3rd February and i well have my operation on Tuesday 4 rd February hope don,st take to long to recovery I well keep you update near time about it more well put update facebook well i am in hospital well ask my mum and dad to help me with it and when i come out and back home I well not miss one update well try my best with update as i can
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