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Does anybody have any advise on the family tabl. My me and my boyfried always eat in the living room we have meals at the table evry now and then but not vary offten and I heard that eating at the table is a great thing for familys but I dont know what I should do should I try to change my habits or do you think it is okay to eat in the living room my son is only 8 months old at the time but I still worry if I am doing something wrong Help
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Name: homemommichele | Date: Jul 17th, 2006 5:33 PM
It depends on what you want! If you want your son to learn to sit at the table, as kids can be quite messy, then at some point when he is joining you with table food you will have to all sit at the table. Until then I see nothing wrong with it if you both are comfortable. 

Name: mommyagain | Date: Jul 17th, 2006 7:15 PM
I am a true believer in "the family table" Not to say I havnt broke the rule many times. It isnt only about having table manners its also about conversation and quality time. Your little one is still young so I dont see it a huge deal now but its never to easy to start teaching him socialization and yes table manners. 

Name: debbie_dettner | Date: Jul 17th, 2006 7:46 PM
Amanda, let me start by complimenting your maturity. The fact that you are thinking about these types of issues shows that you have a good head on your shoulders for such a young woman. I think the fact that you are questioning this topic tells you that you may not think it is the best plan for your family.
As for me, the dinner table is not just for eating, but a way for us to sit down and spend some time communicating to one another--something you cannot do in front of the TV. Our lives are so busy nowadays, we often forget how important it is to TALK to one another. Having a family meal around the table is a great way to give yourself the time to do so.
Keep in mind also that even babies of 8 months are observing you and constantly wanting your attention. Having them sit at the table not only allows them to observe you and your spouse communicating, but gives them the opportunity to mimick your actions and even join in. It is a wonderful communication venue all around!
My 3 1/2 year old often asks at dinner, "So, how was your day? Can we have a conversation?" It is so nice to know we are teaching him not only communication, but good social skills as well. What better place to start than around the dinner table?
Only you know what's right for you, but if you are questioning your current behaviour, perhaps that is you telling yourself there may be a better way! 

Name: maxieellis | Date: Jul 17th, 2006 8:30 PM
Yeah Amanda...I pretty much agree with Debbie on this one. Even at that tender age...how could it hurt to start sitting at the table. Or...at least ease into it ya know...sit there more than in the living room with the TV on. So that once your little one is a year old...they are getting a better idea. And it really does help to sit and talk together that usually we dont get otherwise. If your comfortable now....do what you think is right naturally...but I think I would start sitting there more often. Oh and do they get messy really quick!!!LOL! Believe us...in the end...thats where you are going to want to be anyway!!! HEHE! 

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