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How are you feeling? Has the pain stopped? Have you been back to the doctor? Just wondering.
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Name: nicole jones | Date: Jul 11th, 2006 8:21 PM
I've been posting updates in Due Date Forum under "Due in March" - and also in SAHM (can't remember what thread i posted it in on that forum).. Anyhow, the pain has stopped for the most part. I've had a twinge now and then, but not the excrutiating pain I was having before. The throwing up stopped too, which is strange. I've only been naseus for part of the day the last couple days, and gagged a few times. I went to the doctor today and my Hcg level QUADRUPLED in 2 days (it's supposed to double), so the assistant thinks I may be having twins. The doctor had an emergency surgery today, so he will probably call me this evening when he is done to come in for my ultrasound if he is finished in time. If not, I'll be going back in the next couple days. They will be checking for two amniotic sacs (which will be the definite answer on the twin question!) They will also be able to tell me from the ultrasound if the tumor has grown. I don't think it has though, because I could feel it before when it grew - that's what the horrible pain was. I am 5 weeks and 1 day along now. The doctor's assistant said my due date is March 15th - but I think it's the 13th (not that it really matters). I counted a whole bunch of times though, and I'm pretty positive it's the 13th. Thanks for wondering about me. It's good to know that people care what's going on! 

Name: maxieellis | Date: Jul 11th, 2006 8:29 PM
Yes Nicole honey we care. I am sorry to understand you are having this grief at the same time you want just to be elated. I am very concerned also. I know nothing about this sort of thing ...very well beyond me dear. But know this, I am praying for you....I dont go to church...I should...but dont....but I trust the dear Lord know my heart well.

Keep us post honey......you take care and I will be looking to see news form you.


Name: nicole jones | Date: Jul 11th, 2006 8:34 PM
hopefully I get more news this evening - I'm praying the doctor calls me to come back soon. they said he'd call around 2 or 3 and it's 1:30 now. I'm sitting on my hands I'm so anxious to know. 

Name: charla | Date: Jul 11th, 2006 8:40 PM
nicole, lol i hope that it or they are born on my birthday , march 16 that would be fun i know you dont know me or vice verse but i yhink that would be a great day to be born !!! 

Name: nicole jones | Date: Jul 11th, 2006 8:44 PM
lol... that would be cool. I've had a couple people tell me I'm due close to their birthday. It's a popular time for babies. I am hoping for St. Patricks day - but I don't even know what day that is. I'll have to check. 

Name: nicole jones | Date: Jul 11th, 2006 8:50 PM
St. Patrick's day is the 17th - i bet by the time i'm 40 weeks I wont be wishing to hold out another 2 days for the holiday. It would be a fun birthday though.
My niece, who i've talked about some (she's 16 and I did her baby shower last month) called and asked me about her having contractions. She sounded really calm, but when I asked her how far apart they were she said "oh - i don't know - 2 or 3 minutes... and I feel like my belly is squeezing tight around itself... it's been going on for hours now... should i go to the hospital?" apparently she's had a "trickling" feeling also, and thought she was peeing a little or something but couldn't tell. Sounds like i might be a great aunt soon. She's 36 weeks today. 

Name: charla | Date: Jul 11th, 2006 9:05 PM
i hope everything goes well for your niece!!! i cant believe she is that calm i would be freaking out !!! 

Name: Denise | Date: Jul 11th, 2006 9:42 PM
My baby was born March 15 of this year, March was a good month for me. 

Name: Denise | Date: Jul 11th, 2006 9:45 PM
My moms birthday is March12 and my grandmother was born on St. Pats day, March17. 

Name: nicole jones | Date: Jul 11th, 2006 9:50 PM
This is probably a little nurotic of me - that i've counted out how old the baby will be at each of it's first holidays - March is the perfect month for babies! You get the tiniest little dress clothes for Easter, a baby old enought to pass around at Thanksgiving, and then a little bit older baby to actually rip up some wrapping paper at Christmas. I can't wait! 

Name: Stacy | Date: Jul 11th, 2006 10:05 PM
The higher your HCG, the more severe your nausea & vomiting is likely to be. The higher your HCG, the decrease risk of miscarriage, altho nothing is 100%.

With you being on Clomid, you do have a real good chance of having twins, so when is your ultrasound? 

Name: firewife | Date: Jul 11th, 2006 10:07 PM
Ahh a March baby, my son was due on the 19th and he arrived on the 16th, my hubby was hoping for the 17th, but I wasn't who wants their birthday on a holiday? Although my friends brother just turned 21 on March 17th and he was estatic that he got to drink green beer on his 21st birthday. 

Name: nicole jones | Date: Jul 11th, 2006 10:10 PM
I should have another ultrasound any day now (was supposed to be today, but doctor had emergency c-section). I will be getting them every week to check my tumor (and the baby). They said if they don't call me to come in by 5 today, that I should call tomorrow morning at 8am sharp and try to get squeezed in. Doctors get all backed up with emergency surgeries though, so I'm not sure. 

Name: nicole jones | Date: Jul 11th, 2006 10:34 PM
Doctor just called - I have to run over there right now to see him! hopefully i'll have some news when i get back! 

Name: Layne | Date: Jul 11th, 2006 10:36 PM
Good luck sweetheart 

Name: nicole jones | Date: Jul 12th, 2006 12:24 AM
I'm back from the doctor. He said that with every pregnancy, especially one like mine the first thing they look for is to make sure the baby is actually inside the uterus (and not in the tube or somewhere else)... he could see something (i thought it looked like a little figure 8 - which to me would say it could be twins - but he wouldn't say either way)... but it wasn't big enough to say 100% for absolutly sure that it was the baby and everything is fine because it was too early to see the heartbeat. He said the tumor hasn't grown. I go back on Monday for another u/s - he said he'll be able to tell for sure at that one with the rate my hormones are going up. He also said to quit taking my vitamins because he said they make a lot of people sick. He said eating was more important. 

Name: koz | Date: Jul 12th, 2006 12:36 AM
hey nicole...i think it's funny that your baby is due around st paddys day. My girl was scheduled c section for march 17th. I was thrilled cuz we are irirsh and i thought it would be awesome! She had other plans, though and decided to make her appearance on the 13th! i've read your other posts so good luck to you! 

Name: Serina S | Date: Jul 12th, 2006 12:42 AM
Yea so happy you are well!! I will keep praying for you and Pry the tumor getts smaller untill it is all gone!! 

Name: maxieellis | Date: Jul 12th, 2006 12:49 AM
Well honey I read all the posts. Twins maybe...oh goodness! Anyway I am still praying for you and we will stand by until Monday!

Take care 

Name: nicole jones | Date: Jul 12th, 2006 12:58 AM
I hope I'm not giving you guys to much information by telling you every little detail - but since most of you have been supporting me since I started trying I feel the need to share. I guess if someone doesn't want to know everything they don't have to read it, lol. But I still feel a little dorky. 

Name: maxieellis | Date: Jul 12th, 2006 1:30 AM
Dont you dare feel that way....and your right. If someone chooses to click on...its ok. But for the rest of us its like going through it step by step with you and some of us are loving you for it. I'm giggleing.....its so true its like being pregnant without the ouch! And for this old bird........trust me I can do without any more ouch in my life! I would be soooooooo overcooked if I had another! As it stands..........I only occasionally have the grasp of my own mind.....I feel so scattered somedays!!!LOLOL! 

Name: nicole jones | Date: Jul 12th, 2006 7:03 AM
I woke up after a nap and was having some pain like before. It wasn't quite as bad as it was before - but still pretty painful. It only lasted about 10 minutes, so I didn't go to the hospital. I am expecting to have at least some pain every now and then as the tumor grows - but I'm waiting until it lasts for while before going in. I don't want to do anything to hurt the baby and i'm scared if I go in for the pain they'll make me have the surgery right now. I know I should listen to the doctor (he told me to go in if I feel pain) but I'm still afraid. I almost feel like I wish they could do the surgery when I'm awake or something - just so I wont hurt the baby - but I know that's not reasonable. 

Name: nicole jones | Date: Jul 12th, 2006 7:06 AM
Is it nuts that I already have feelings for the baby that strong at only 5 weeks? I would take any amount of pain if it meant keeping it safer. I know I am going to be devestated if this ends in M/C. 

Name: nicole jones | Date: Jul 17th, 2006 10:00 PM
I went to the doctor today and what looked like a figure 8, and was about the size of two pencil erasers last time, is now one big circle about the size of a silver dollar! Can't see the heartbeat yet, but it's like 5 times as big as it was 6 days ago! The circle is the amniotic sac, by the way.

As for the tumor? IT SHRUNK!!! It was 50/50 fluid and tissue, and now almost all the fluid has leaked out (and is floating around in my abdomen at the moment, but will get absorbed eventually). Fortunatly my uterus is growing pretty quickly and is starting to put pressure on the tumor forcing it to leak. The doctor said today that if it keeps shrinking, or at least doesn't grow anymore that I WONT HAVE TO HAVE SURGERY before the baby is born. Instead he'll schedule a ceserean and take it out with the baby. I'm so happy I'm in tears! I've literally been terrified for the last 3 weeks.

Oh, and I only saw one sac this time - but the doctor said he can't rule out twins for another 2-4 more weeks. From what I saw though, it looked like only 1 this time. Darn. 

Name: maxieellis | Date: Jul 17th, 2006 11:32 PM
Oh Nicole I am sooooooo happy and relieved!!!!!!!!!!! You were in our prayers girl. And once again the dear Lord is answering!!!!!! As usual! Yee hawww baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Name: Serina S | Date: Jul 18th, 2006 12:33 AM
Wow what great news!! I have bee praying for juust that amazing. I will keep praying for you and your "dollar" . ANd pray you dollar wil greet this world and make you feel like a million bucks. I am glad that God is healing you and making room for baby!!
God Bless & keep you both safe & healthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Name: Layne | Date: Jul 18th, 2006 2:45 AM
So glad to hear you are feeling better nicole and that you had good news. I was wondering how it turned ot after you went to the doctor. This is good news. :) 

Name: VenusdiMilo | Date: Jul 18th, 2006 3:15 AM
Hi Nicole, Im glad to hear that things are progressing well. Just keep thinking positive thoughts and everything will be fine. Good Luck Girl!!

As for me, its time for the dreadful 2WW phaseI Oed today. Im hoping this month is the lucky month. 

Name: nicole jones | Date: Jul 18th, 2006 6:22 AM
Thank you guys so much. I think your prayers really helped. They told me before that the surgery was a sure thing, no matter what... I guess even doctors can be suprised. The look on the doctors face when he saw that it had shrunk told me that it must have been a Higher Power - it was some what of a miracle. 

Name: nicole jones | Date: Jul 18th, 2006 6:25 AM
Good luck to you Venus!!! For me it helped to just start a thread and update every day with "The Countdown"... made the time go a lot faster, and then you can also add in any "symtoms" you start having and keep us posted. It is pretty cool to go back and read mine now, because I remember how much it sucked waiting. I became pretty morose about it. It will be over soon for you too I'm sure. I'll be praying for you. 

Name: VenusdiMilo | Date: Jul 18th, 2006 2:13 PM
Thanks Nicole!! I know it will....it's just a matter of time and I am waiting patiently for my little precious. 

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