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Great Content for Kids - ReelTime.com was featured today in the New York Times, highlighting their expertise in the up and coming video streaming arena. What I like about this new technology is the ability to log in from my PC while traveling and choose from a variety of movies that are not available at hotels. Also, I maintain my privacy since there is no history, unlike other sites where you have to download something first. At ReelTime I just point, click and watch, literally, and enjoy DVD quality on my laptop or large screen TV. And I don't have to worry about the movies appearing on my hotel bill which are usually $15 a pop. Here is the link to “ReelCash” where $15 is waiting for you!!! www.reeltime.com/nweaa Anyone can have a free trial membership and see for themselves what a time saver and how cost effective video streaming technology really is not to mention the huge selection of titles!!! Pass it on to your friends ...
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