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Name: JAME | Date: Nov 12th, 2007 2:06 AM

Name: Ray | Date: Nov 13th, 2007 4:38 AM
hey jame what \s the mark look like ??? 

Name: dejontae | Date: Nov 17th, 2007 2:23 AM
i am a king corba 

Name: Giniphr | Date: Nov 18th, 2007 12:09 AM
baby ball python my son has 3 and he is 5.. 

Name: boo | Date: Nov 18th, 2007 11:19 AM
i ahte snakes thye are too scary 

Name: drake | Date: Dec 2nd, 2007 7:31 PM
i have a baby ball python 

Name: Chris | Date: Dec 7th, 2007 6:44 PM
ok i need a real good question about if you get immune to bee are wasp stings can you still own a scorpion, cause i want to get a scorpion but im not that bad allergic to em & i just an anwser rither i should get one are not,but if you build your immune system up can you get stung the scorpion are do you remain allergic to it 

Name: Ray | Date: Dec 7th, 2007 6:45 PM
i have no idea? 

Name: Chris | Date: Dec 8th, 2007 4:56 AM

Name: alex | Date: Dec 8th, 2007 4:58 AM
what sex ????? 

Name: alex | Date: Dec 8th, 2007 4:58 AM
i though this was a family thing 

Name: Ray | Date: Dec 8th, 2007 5:00 AM
WHO ME ?????? 

Name: brittney | Date: Dec 9th, 2007 4:04 PM
hi how are you doing 

Name: allison | Date: Dec 10th, 2007 5:10 AM
my familt HATES snakes and my mother freaks every time she sees anything about a snake!
but i love snakes and have always wanted one but now that im in collage i have no time or money let alone space for a huge snake so i got a green earth snake from the local pet store i have had him for over a year now and hes super easy to take care of. he requires no heat lamp, only crickets for food and little to no handling. he loves to be held but is fine when left alone for weeks at a time. he is super sweet and loves people. has no teeth and never even threatens to bite... even thought he is a bit nervious at times once he calms down hes the perfict snake! i could ask for an easyer pet.... and my mom is happy that i can bring him home and go away with friends for a week and she wont have to mess with him... and if she does its just to give him new water but he sleeps alot so hes hardly ever out and about in the cage during the morning when my mom would give him water.

this is an easy cheap starter snake that you son will LOVE 

Name: johntm | Date: Dec 12th, 2007 1:52 AM
i have 12 snakes ranging from burms to kingsnakes ive never been bite.but it can happin.i would start out with rat snakes,kings or corns even milk snakes are good starters 

Name: Brad | Date: Dec 12th, 2007 1:57 AM
allison my cousin off to a bussiness trip & he let me take care of her and i got to take care of of 25 foot python its not easy taking care of her, she eats big prey like rabbits, chickens,pigs which she don't eat i'll be heading collage in 2 years for studying reptiles & other animals,so i can work at the zoo with them, of may open up my own zoo 

Name: christain | Date: Dec 12th, 2007 2:03 AM
i need i really good question if you r allergic to bee's or Wasp's stings i'm really bad i don't think but can you get like immune to its venom and own a emperor scorpion cuz their venom is the same as the bee's & wasp's venom cuz i really need to know i want to get one & i dont know if i can get immune to their venom but if anyone gets this i need help with this question 

Name: chistain | Date: Dec 12th, 2007 2:05 AM
sorry i for got to put im not really really bad allergic 

Name: Ray | Date: Dec 13th, 2007 6:32 AM
if anyone got any question about how to take care of a snake of how they eat or what they eat,,, just ask i don't own a snake but i know a lot about them and just ask me and i will do my best to help you 

Name: ray | Date: Dec 13th, 2007 6:33 AM
i for got OR 

Name: christain | Date: Dec 13th, 2007 6:39 AM
hey can anyone help me with a question cuz i really need to know if i should get one or not can you get immune to a bee or wasp stings & still get a emperor scorpion' im not really bad allergic to them but the doctor said i was allergic but when i get stung i don't itch im arm gets like a red mark but thats all i get from it but i get a little bit swollen but i need help with this question 

Name: aphodiete | Date: Dec 13th, 2007 11:04 PM
im looking for someone with alot more knowledge to chat with in regards to a coastal carpet pythom i got it 24 hours ago and really not sure what im doing, so someone who can give me gerenal advise on things would be great thanks 

Name: ray | Date: Dec 18th, 2007 11:17 PM
hey aphodiete theres nothing to it heres the things you need for you snake. Aphodiete ,30 gallon tank, water bowl to drink & soak its skin in,hiding place,couple of wooden sticks for him/her to climb on,reptile day & UV night Light,, heating rock, keep cage up to 80-85 degrees in its cage, and make have somthing in it cage to rub it dead skin off like a rock

if you need more help just ask Ok , that should some stuff 

Name: ray | Date: Dec 18th, 2007 11:20 PM
sorry i for got to put make sure to put a thing in its cage to rub its dead skin it takes up to every month i think for them to shed snakes are really slow growing animal 

Name: ray | Date: Dec 18th, 2007 11:48 PM
i never really own a snake but i know a lot about them i've around them since i was 15 years old i'm 22 now so getting a degree to be a archeologists 

Name: justin k | Date: Jan 1st, 2008 7:55 PM
i have young corn snake, while trying to feed it a pinky mouse (thawed) it has started eating the pinky tail end first, is that ok, 

Name: Ray | Date: Jan 2nd, 2008 7:12 AM
Justin k no its not normal for that but i wouldnt own a snake that eats pinky mice now thats cruel 

Name: malik | Date: Jan 2nd, 2008 1:17 PM
snakes eat small mice,and rats,chickens,insects and some snakes takes almost a week before they eat again.If you buy a snake get a 20 gallon tank or a small snake those are the best type of tanks and don't just cover the bottom of the tank with newspaper make it look like the wild and for the tank get a warming light for shedding skin get two rocks for the snake to pull his skin off.I reccommand a baby python 

Name: Ray | Date: Jan 2nd, 2008 2:37 PM
hey malik im wandering do you take reptile classes i wandering cause im taking it and going to collage to do a reptiles and other animals 

Name: Ganesh | Date: Jan 3rd, 2008 9:42 PM
i saw three snakes in my dream, two were big, but one is a kid snake. suddenly i felt tat the small snake is getting in to my back. later it was killed by a man in fire and i was worried about tat little snake's death.

pls email me about this dream to : [email protected] 

Name: ray | Date: Jan 20th, 2008 8:19 AM
i have no idea but if anyone needs help with their reptile just ask i will be glad to help you 

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