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Name: John | Date: Jan 26th, 2008 11:14 PM
Lizzi, who said he is cheating? Also, is it not possible that Meg may be cheating too? 

Name: Lizzi | Date: Jan 26th, 2008 11:18 PM
John if Meg was cheating too I doubt she would express this kind of concern for her marriage. And if she thinks he is cheating then he probably is. 

Name: juliep | Date: Jan 27th, 2008 1:08 AM
my husband left 3days ago. i found out hed been having an affair which he said had been happening for a couple of months. i was absolutely heartbroken we had been together for 25 years with four beautiful children who are angry and upset. i have begged and cried for him to come home its like someone has died. my emotions are everywhere. he said he doesnt want to come home at the moment that he has gone cold. he has told my his not worth it and i dont deserve what he has done. he has been going to counselling through work of which i new nothing about but is not willing to come to counselling together as a couple. i dont know what to do im devasted and cannot imagine life without him he was my soulmate. i tried to talk to him to say he had gone cold because of the guilt he was feeling but said he had felt this way before the affair started. i dont think we ever listened to each others problems and how they were feeling we were both guilty of that. hopefully we can rekindle our love who knows i can only keep trying but its very hurtful to feel rejected. i dont think he realises what he stands to lose and the life he may have once the sex thing in the affair becomes and everyday relationship again. for someone who tells me they have gone cold keep having sex with me or was that just to keep me off the scent of his affair. who knows. 

Name: Meg | Date: Jan 27th, 2008 3:47 PM
I am not cheating and I do want to work it out, I just need patience and that is the hardest thing with the situation 

Name: John | Date: Jan 27th, 2008 7:40 PM
Meg work on it then as this site will not help U. If you listen to folks U will go wrong so listen to God and your heart dear. I am a man and understand from a man point of view how women can act in situtation like this. Do U want me to talk to your husband? Also do not lean on men for advice for they will talk you out of working this out just so they can get in your paints. 

Name: connie | Date: Jan 31st, 2008 2:32 PM
My husband told me 9 months ago he wasnt happy anymore and he hadnt been for awhile. we had just returned from a trip celebrating our 20th wedding annivesary. I asked him if he wanted to go to counseling he said no not right now. It had been going down hill since. He hardly ever says I love you to me he very seldom kissed me or touches me. Our sex life was better than ever but the last few months he doesnt act very interested. I have asked him if there is someone else he says no but I am not sure.Yesterday I told him if he was still unhappy maybe he should leave for awhile,he didnt want to do that. I asked him again about counseling he said no if he went now it would only be to please me and he wanted to go for himself. I dont know what to do. I was looking in the phone book this morning for a counseler for myself and I just lost it I dont know if I can go through this alone. We have 2 boys 18 and 16 I quit work after we had our first one. So I am a stay at home mom who babysits in our home. I just need to vent to someone 

Name: Celestine | Date: Feb 1st, 2008 12:04 AM
Connie I do understand but at the same time women have done the very same thing even worst to men - so can't men do that now? I am not passing judgement on your situation because I have no frist hand knowlegde of your situation but at the sametime I do know of people and men who have been hurt badly by women (in some cases their wife) so perhaps guys are just tired. Also, it is possible that he may have someone else too, perhaps behaving like a guy I know in the USVI Mr. Julien Henley, just screwing up people relationships and marriages. Need to talk just ask and I can provide my email address so we can talk in private and I can give some real bad stories - so you are not alone. You should try to work on the marriage and if he does not want counseling you get some. 

Name: Erika | Date: Feb 2nd, 2008 6:00 PM
I need help me and my boyfriend have been living together for about 2 years now. We have 2 girls one is 2yrs. old and the other one is 6 mths. We have been together for about 4 years Just last night he told me that he told himself that if I didn't change by this year than he was going to leave me. I wish I new exactly what it is that I have to change. Robert is right in my situation he is giving me warnings that he is going to leave me. He is a very hard working person he works about 10 hours shift 6 days a week. I understand that he is very tired. I feel frustated and afraid because everytime that I want talk to him about my feellings he simply does not want to hear it. He just says that i dont care about him. The funny thing is that I stay home with both the girls i quit my school and my job to move back in with him. We both decided it was best for the girls...for now... I don't rescent him for that it was my choice to be home with the girls. But his job is very demanding and along with that i feel very lonely at home. I just need his emotional support he feels as though I should just be happy that he is taking care of us. I dont want to be selfish and start living the way I use too... I feel that the girls need me the most right now because they are young but I am aslo becoming a lonely desperate house wife...AND WE ARE NOT EVEN MARRIED YET. I know that no matter what his job will always come first. I just need to keep myself busy I guess i just don't now how if i really never have time for myself. I really don't want to seperate and he knows it but i guess he is going to be the one calling the shots because I just dont feel strong enough to be the one to live this time... i need good positive advice i don't want to hate him. 

Name: Angelheart | Date: Feb 4th, 2008 6:54 AM
I was looking through the internet one day and noticed all these websites of escorts and sites looking for other people. I knew it was my husband doing it 'cause I had caught him a while back filling out a singles profile and he swore it wasn't him but later he admitted he wasn't serious about the profile. So now I caught him again and he denied it again. He said I crazy and that it wasn't him. Well, I'm really fed up with him. If he thinks he wants somebody else why can't he just let me go and do what he want to do with other women. He tells me that he loves me but I just don't believe him anymore because he did he wouldn't be doing this.I love my husband but because of so many lies thoughts been running through my head. I don't know what to do anymore, please help. 

Name: Patty C. | Date: Feb 4th, 2008 7:54 AM
Angelheart, I understand and relate to your pain because something similar happend to me.My best friend told me one day that she had a message left on her voice mail claiming that her husband has been cheating on her for the past 6months. She said they met on the internet. She gave her her e-mail address and told her where she can retrieve her husband's profile and all the e-mails that he's been sending her.She didn't believe her but I told her to check just in case.She did and found out it was all true . She confronted her husband with all the evidence and he still lied so one night the girl call and said where they were going to meet that night so she went to the motel and there he was screwing her . Long story short ,she left him. So one day we were talking and she mentioned my if I trusted my husband . I said yes,why,she said ,you should check out what he's been doing in the internet. She left me thinking so I did and there it was , chat rooms,myspace,singles lookings (so they say.)for other singles ,you name it. I couldn't believe my eyes! It broke my heart! 10 years gone to waste! I also left my husband. Sad story but my girfriend's x-hubby ended up getting HIV. So my words to you ,if your husband is still doing that I advice you to be careful because it won't be long before he'll be getting intimate with someone. Be carreful and stay save. 

Name: angela | Date: Feb 17th, 2008 11:05 PM
i moved into a new home me and my kids to get away from all the bad memories of my spouse and his crazy mom he dont know where i am he is a violent man and he had an affair and him and his momm used to call and throw it all in my face like im not human know he has filed for a divorce and wants visits with the kids and the women who he had the affair with he beat the crap out of her and went to jail domestic violence. He dont care about the kids he just want to harass me .I havent talk to him in a year he wrote me a letter asking to come home back in july i said no so know he is sueing me for a divorce what do i do i dont want to go threw with this help 

Name: Dirty laundry | Date: Feb 19th, 2008 8:50 PM
Why the dirty laundry on here? 

Name: Roseann | Date: Feb 23rd, 2008 8:19 PM
My husband left me and our four children after 14 1/2 years of marrage and is living with another woman that he met almost a year ago. i didn't find out about it until the day after christmas. He says he didn't mean to fall in love with her but for years he wasn't happy and it just happened. Anyway we had long disscussions and he said that he does love me but not in love with me and that he now realized that i love him and is willing to work on finding that love but he isn't willing to give her up because he doesn't want to be alone. I have read books that say that 75%-85% of men return so i am hopeful that he is just in a midlife crisis ( he even bought a corvette in July) and just has to resolve his issues and in the end he says that he truly believes we will be together to just be patient he even has told the children that we just need time apart to find the love again and has not told anyone about her or anyone that we are separated. I have even contacted pysics who say that see that we will be together in the end. But for now i have my good days and bad days especially when i am with him when he comes to see the kids and me or when we work together and he leaves to go to his new home or if i have to go home without him it just breaks my heart but one good thing that he even said is we are talking more . i just need to talk to other people who are going through this or have gone through this . my email is [email protected] 

Name: eh? | Date: Feb 25th, 2008 11:55 PM

Name: Tonya | Date: Mar 5th, 2008 1:59 PM
my husband told me he wanted a divorce just after christmas we've been having mortgage problems and arguements about his flirting and hanging out with single friends he got caught telling a girl he was a single dad she was a old friend of mine from college when i confronted him about he said it was true he said he wanted wanted out for the past two years and that the love was gone we've been married 14years this june 1st he was waiting for our daughter to leave for college she's 17years old .i thought i wanted to die i did everthing wrong i begged pleaded cried and all it did was make him feel strong and colder to me and our daughter he stop paying the bills a never said a thing my house almost foreclosed but i was able to pull it together he said it was my weight ,my job, my devotion to the kids .fact is his mom and sister found him someone else rass greener three days ago i relized that i'm a good wife i sup[ported him in everything he did now he leaves as he said to live abetter life more adventure i told him this morning to go ( he has left the house lives in the basement ) that if he would love me right after 14 years then to go. the look on his face was amazement for months all i did was cry and begg him to stay no more sister move on your children need you and you need to strenghten yourself maybe he will return but if not god will love you and keep you . stay strong.!!!!!!!! 

Name: nena | Date: Mar 5th, 2008 4:33 PM
my husband has been talking to someone for 4 mths and moved out .know he wants to get back together he left me last year for someone else for a month . he said that he was wrong and would do anything to fix it how do you take someone back after all that.i dont know if your husband is doing wrong but if he doesnt want to be with you move on .trust me the grass isnt green on the other side and he will come back the ? is will you want him back 

Name: Genny | Date: Mar 5th, 2008 6:26 PM
What happened to the days when people worked and put effort into their marriages? It seems men think that when times get tough or the "sparks" die down then it's all over.
My husband tells me (get this ladies)
- I am his best friend, a good wife and the best lover he's ever had BUT we are growing apart and the 'spark' isn't there anymore. He admitted that for about 6 months he hasn't been putting an effort into our relationship and of course a woman feels that. This has been going on since October - then he changed his mind and said he was making a mistake, then he brought it up again in January and then he changed his mind and then I brought it up 2 days ago and it seems he wants "space". I told him to leave. What is wrong with these men who have good wives and they just throw it all away?? I love my husband dearly but I will not put up with these lame excuses anymore so I've sent him packing to sort himself out. I hope he comes back. 

Name: miserable | Date: Mar 6th, 2008 10:17 PM
After 20 years together my husband told me he didn't love me as wife- feelings inside not there- love and wants to remain friends as a friend! Feel nothing left to live for at 63 (he 49). Asked him to leave as he shouted at me when I wake up crying in night. 

Name: Tami | Date: Mar 9th, 2008 8:30 AM
I have been goin thru the same thing as I am reading all of your entries. I have been married for 11 years. We have his, mine, and ours. I love him sooo much. I know and feel he does not feel the same. He has so much life outside of our family, whereas my life is him and my kids. I have an ex, and so does he. His oldest son, Riley was killed, by accident, when he was 6. My husbands ex was all about the party, sex ,alchohol, and who would ever pay her the most attention. I was the babysitter----with an 18 month old. I have always wanted to be a wife and mom. Riley and I were very close. Kathy was not there for at least three months before he died. The sad thing is that she lived 1-2 miles away from us. She was sad for my loss-----go figure---after she was upset that Ri was ADD. I put him in soccer. She told me to put him in his room for an hour after Kindergarten. Yeah right----anyone who knows about ADD---a solitary room is helll. Instead Soccer gave Riley somethin' to look forward to. Long story short-----The one time she wanted to see the boys---NO----her parents took them to Utah---Ri-bear died there all because of there stupidity. My mom knew. My husband kept trying to call the hospital---No answer----I was working---my mom called---My two girls were fine, but they were worried about Ri-- My husband still could not get thru to the hospital---again and again----I finally arrived at my moms----My hubby was calm---I had to change out of my cocktail outfit--I was pulling up my pants---I said---"MOM IT IS PANGUITCH]]]I F IT WAS THAT BAD[ THEY WOULD HAVE FLGHT FOR LIFE HIM OUT OF THERE" She told me he was dead--- I wanted to scream and thro-up---my mom pushed a pillow over my face and told me to "shut-up----HE DOESN"T KNOW"----------What? I felt I had to tell him--------I went down stairs---I looked at him---He was so calm---I felt sick, and devastated---I felt as a wife, I must tell him. I waited till we got into the Bronco --- As I looked at him, he was trying to figure out what happened. The Hospital was not answering----even after He had called over and over. The sad thing was, was that my mom knew what happened and I knew what happened. I strictly remember Eric saying the same thing I said to my mom as I was getting changed----- IT IS PAINGUITCH[ IF IT WAS THAT BAD]]]] THEY WOULD HAVE FLIGHT FOR LIFED HIM SOMEWHER ELSE. The exact same words I had said to my mom---I grew up there. I knew---=At that moment I felt a flood of strength that I had never felt before...... He was searching for something....Something I knew. I knew his 1st born was gone, his heart had deceived him. He told me that if something bad had happened to Riley, he would know. He would feel it. They were so close. The fact was,,, that he was closer than his soul would allow him---- Eric , my husband, Rileys dad, knew it was a fourwheeler accident, he assumed Ri-bear had broken ribs or something. " i would feel if anything was worse" At that moment, with all the knowledge, and pain, confusion. When he looked at me with his blue eyes and conveyed those words---the exact as I told my mom------- I KNEW THAT I WAS NEVER GOING TO BE THE ONE, TO TELL HIM THAT HIS SON WAS DEAD. I was not going to be the one that HE forever remembered as telling him , his son was gone... At that moment, I had to suck it up. As sick as I felt, and the fact that HE was telling me that it would be ok. We were supposed to meet his parents outside St. George. When we saw the truck, we stopped.....I don't remember Eric getting out of the Bronco----My focus was to tell his parents not to tell him yet, TELL him when he gets there----WE HAD TO GET TO RILEY___as I approached the truck, I looked at his mom,.,."DON't SAY ANYTHING YET"---------Then I heard Eric....What I didn't realize, Erics dad was at the back of the truck. I walked back, and it happened so fast, and I am forgetting parts----All I remember is Eric begging me to take him to Riley as fast as I can--- he clutched me "TAKE ME TO RILEY[ AS FAST AS YOU CAN[ PLEASE"------I was driving------I have never heard, in my life, the agony and pain and the punching and screaming, that I heard out of the man I love that day. I did not know what to do---- I need to make him not hurt, I prayed as he screamed. I was at a loss-HE was in agony---FIX IT TAMI___THIS IS NOT HAPPENING___ IT IS NOT REAL________What I didn't know , was how devastatingly real it was.
"I grew up there.....Only one way I knew-----THE SLOW WAY---"That was the day I let him down---The guilt I feel for not getting him to Riley in a fast way. God knows I tried----Too slow. You could hear Eric thruout the entire hospital. HE COULD NOT BELIEVE HE WAS GONE.-----I don't bame him--- --------He was to comfort BOB----Kathys dad?---OK ,,,, I respect his decision. --- I guess when it comes down to it my HUSBAND can have a good heart=------ We stayed at his parents that night. We didn't sleep. How was I going to fix this???? I love Riley, I love Eric-----Lori and Kathy "sorry for your loss"----------WHAT????? That seemed so far off to me. Another thing--- Josh was 4--- he was there when his brother died----Kathys' statement to him was "YOU CAN HAVE RILEYS TOYS AND BIKE". And because my dumb ass got Rileys DAD there late, He went in before. The first thing Josh said to me was----"TAMI[[DO YOU KNOW MY BROTHER IS DEAD?" I said" yes baby" He said' " MY MOM SAID I CAN HAVE ALL HIS TOYS AND HIS BIKE" . I didn't respond. Kathy and Eric needed time with their son, so I read J.B. a story .I had just had Erics baby girl, Kathy was pregnant with her low life ---" I CANT BE AROUND BOYS[" husband.s' baby---(the husband is a low life,,,,,not her daughter)----she was jealous that I WAS HAVING A GIRL WITH ERIC"-------A couple of days after Riley was gone, Kathy had convinced Eric to come to her parents house. __MANIPULATION___That is fine. It was a good thing, because one of the guys that Eric knew from the church was there and was able to talk to him. The problem was that I was in Kathy's moms' kitchen, with Kathy, Greg, Lori, Sandy, Jody(Kathys' COUSIN),----They were eating---(EAT?????)--- Erics' friend took him to the basement---I am unaware of the topics they discussed.------As Kathy scarffed down chicken legs,,,, she made me stand up and show everybody how thin I was for having mine and Erics daughter 4 months earlier----Can you believe---She MADE me, by hand , stand up and turn around in front of all.--- Even more embarrassing, Eric was down stairs while all this is going on....as it was happening my stomache got sick----I had to excuse myself and use the restroom----I am the new wife and I have daiahrea in the EX_WIVES PARENTS HOUSE???? tOO MUCH, BUT i LOVE HIM---I NEED TO TELL YOU MORE... I will finish later thanks........Tami 

Name: Genny | Date: Mar 11th, 2008 2:00 PM
My husband has decided that he needs "space". He's been telling me that he isn't sure if he wants to continue our marriage since October! Then he retracted everything and it's come up again. I am supposed to live as though everything is normal for another 2 weeks so that he can go to his Mother's house while she's on vacation for 2 weeks to get his "head straight". Is this fair? I am so in love with him - together 10 years, no kids, he loves me, says I'm the best lover and friend he's ever had but we are drifting......no effort from him into our relationship for about 5 months now. Am I being soft by letting him stay in our home for another 2 weeks before he makes his decision? 

Name: Genny | Date: Mar 11th, 2008 6:59 PM
I really need some advice here. My situation is a little different from what I'm reading of others. My husband STILL loves me, thinks of me as his best friend, best lover he's ever had. Thinks we are drifting and doesn't know if he wants to be married. I think he's going through a mid-life crisis or something - the problem is that he is causing a lot of damage to our marriage and to my state of mind. He won't leave the house - has no where to go....waiting to stay at his Mom's while she goes on vacation for 2 weeks. Am I allowing him to have full control because I am at the point where I want to tell him to go but I am afraid of pushing him away too. I am an emotional basket case. No abuse here, no "falling out of love", no other woman....what to do? Together 10 years, married almost 3. No kids. 

Name: taurus | Date: Mar 12th, 2008 1:50 PM
going through the same thing.me and my husband have been married for 2years and have 14month old,he's always been so mean to me and very munipulative towards me and recently he told me me he wanted a divorce i told him fine i was thinking the same thing.He is always so mean to me and i don't know why cuz he asked me to marry him but i think noe he just did it so wud not be with anyone else,i know now it wasn't cuz he was in love,i fell out of love with him over the last couple of months cuz he treats me so bad and now has the nerve to ask for a divorce-but its cool.what goes around comes around!i will survive! 

Name: ADVICE PLEASE PLEASE | Date: Mar 12th, 2008 3:22 PM
I really need some advice here. My situation is a little different from what I'm reading of others. My husband STILL loves me, thinks of me as his best friend, best lover he's ever had. Thinks we are drifting and doesn't know if he wants to be married. I think he's going through a mid-life crisis or something - the problem is that he is causing a lot of damage to our marriage and to my state of mind. He won't leave the house - has no where to go....waiting to stay at his Mom's while she goes on vacation for 2 weeks. Am I allowing him to have full control because I am at the point where I want to tell him to go but I am afraid of pushing him away too. I am an emotional basket case. No abuse here, no "falling out of love", no other woman....what to do? Together 10 years, married almost 3. No kids. 

Name: Genny | Date: Mar 13th, 2008 1:47 PM
I've posted 3 times and I am in desperate need of some feed-back from anybody - please please read my postings...... 

Name: og217 | Date: Mar 13th, 2008 5:39 PM
Genny what exactly is the problem? Love? Check. Sex? Check. So, what is the complaint here? Something is not adding up. 

Name: Genny | Date: Mar 13th, 2008 6:37 PM
I agree - something is NOT adding up. Lived together for 7 years - married 3 years in May - something happened recently - don't know what - he's all over the place - first it's me then it's him - I truly don't think he knows what's going on. Do you think there is a puzzle piece missing? 

Name: vera | Date: Mar 16th, 2008 9:04 AM
my husand no want sex, don't kiss me good bye anymore and he has don this for 12 years,,,he talk to heis sister more than me he don't want me know anything about thjis fathers estate...he doesn't like anything i do..please adise 

Name: verna | Date: Mar 16th, 2008 9:07 AM
my husband was in a very bad wreck 2 years ago and he has turned on me like white on rise.....i don't know him anymoe....so i say or should i go 

Name: Roe | Date: Mar 24th, 2008 10:17 PM
my husband wants to leave me. I have three month old baby, and my heart is just breaking. He just wants to go out boozing all the time,and we just argue constantly about it. I look forward to weekends thinking that we will spend quality time together, but then come saturday, he says he going to get cigarettes or a paper and doesn't come back for ages having spent his time in a pub... what will I do 

Name: Jenn | Date: Apr 3rd, 2008 5:51 PM
I am in a similiar situation...my husband refuses to touch me or hug me or kiss me...rarely says i love you rarely acknowledges that I a,m even around...we have a two month old baby girl. And I feel very very alone and very trapped...please help me 

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