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Name: sally | Date: Jul 11th, 2006 2:55 PM
You need to find someone who loves you in return. You need to find someone who can make you happy and who you can make happy in return. 

Name: b.f. | Date: Jul 12th, 2006 11:02 PM
well i have been married for 3 years (this is my second marriage) i have an 8year old from my previous marriage and a 15months old with my current husband. he tells me all the time he wants a divorce but i tell him we need to try to work it out. he is all about himself, he calls me names all the time and is just such an a**hole alot of the time. he tells me he doesnt need me and makes me feel like he doesnt love me. i put up with it with my ex husband and i vowed never to do it again, but now i have another son whos father will fight me tooth and nail for him..my husband is always rubbing my past in my face and makes me feel like im nothing..i just dont know what to do, i have no money of my own he was always i charge of it and i couldnt possible leave without one of my boys.. i dont have a very good support system to run to..im just torn 

Name: pj754 to b.f. | Date: Jul 13th, 2006 12:13 PM
You are in a tough situation. If you hubby wants a divorce and says he doesn't love you anymore, than what is stopping him from getting a divorce? Him calling you names and making you feel like your the lowest person in the world is his own insecurity. He selfish and controlling. My ex did the same thing to me. I had three children, two were in school and the other would need daycare if I worked during the day. I ended up waitressing at night to save up enough cash to hire a lawyer. We fought constantly over me working because he didn't want to help out with the kids or have me to earn my own money. It's like he had the sense that I was planning to leave him. Thankfully, I left and we are doing just fine. Although, I have to give thanks to a wonderful man I met, who was willing to help us out financially. Yet, I was determined to work 2 jobs if I had too. If your hubby works during the day, see if you can do some babysitting to earn extra cash that he might not find out about. You could tell him you are doing it as a favor to the person you babysit for. If the person that hires you to babysit and requires your social security number for their tax benefits, have the money put into a separate checking/savings account in just your name. Once you have saved up enough money then take your step to leave him. It will take you sometime but living the way you do is only going to hurt you more. You are a strong person and there is nothing you can overcome. I know this is easier said than done but if there's a will there's a way. Also, before you get ready to leave, take some of your belongings out of the house. Move a little bit at a time until you are ready to go. Of course, this is just a suggestion. Making a step like this is very hard to do and your completely afraid. Although, if you are a stay at home mom chances are he won't be able to take the child from you. He is just threatening you. My ex threatened to take the children away from me but because I was a stay at home mom, the courts awarded me as the custodial parent. He tried to discredit me as a mother in court. He had people get on the stand and lie to say I was an unfit mother. It didn't work. That's when I fully realized my ex was all mouth. I hope this helps you and if you want to talk, keep posting. 

Name: b.f to pj754 | Date: Jul 13th, 2006 12:42 PM
thank you for your encouraging words my whole thing is that my husband rescued me from a life that was unfit for my son...he knew my ex husband and the way he treated me and he vowed to NEVER do those things to me, and although the alcohol and physcial abuse are not there i am well aware of the verbal and emotional. my husband only sees things black and white and its funny but he always puts on such a different face around other people. we work the same job (thats how we met 10 years ago) and he works days and i work a few hours at night so that we dont have to pay for daycare. we live with his parents so we can pay off bills and buy a house (which puts added pressure on us). but he is just so stubborn and everything i do is wrong. he tells me i have changed into someone he doesnt like, and i tell him that yes i did change into what he wanted me to be, so of course i dont like who i have become. its just so difficult because when its good he such a great husband, but its like we are just roommates now, when hes angry he never says sorry, im always the one to give in..he just always makes sure he does no wrong, and thinks hes in control of everything. i just dont get it,. he treats me like a child and i cant stand it. i know some of the love is gone on both sides. im just so confused..... 

Name: pj to b.f. | Date: Jul 14th, 2006 1:05 PM
Now, I hear exactly what you are saying. Sorry, you are in a difficult situation. You feel very obligated to your husband because he helped you through some difficulties times in your life. That was very remarkable on his part and yours for seeing you needed help with the change. Yet, what exactly does he want you to be? Granted, he doesn't want you to revert back to the old ways but he's not allowing you to blossom as a whole person. He is treating you like a child by controling everything. My ex did the same thing to me. Just because I had a difficult childhood, he would always bring that up saying that's probably why I am the way I am. No, it's because I have learned from my mistakes and I am trying to stand up for what I believe in. He, too, put on a different personality in front of people and made me think I was the one, who was always wrong. He would put on the persona that he is a wonderful husband/daddy. It wasn't until after I divorced him that I saw all the wrong waving in front of my eyes. I used to use alcohol to cope with my married life to him. I felt if I could numb the pain for a while, I could deal with him better. Then I realized, I was only hurting myself and everyone around me including my children. Living under someone's roof is a difficult strain on anyone's relationship. We did that, too. Yet, once we moved into our house, things were never the same. They only got worse. I felt like I was dying inside and I couldn't take it anymore. While going through our divorce, he trying bring up the alcohol issue but it didn't work. The judge still awarded me custody of the children. Of course, I would never drink and drive but I used it when I knew I was going to be home for the night. It wasn't an everyday occurance but it was enough for me to realize I was having a problem I needed to change. So, I do know exactly how you are feeling. It's hard and sometimes you have to keep your feelings buried just to make them happy and still that's never good enough. It sounds like you are a great mother to your children. You have changed for the better a long time ago. Don't ever think because of your past, he can take your child away from you. He can't. Always changing to what he wants you to be is not the answer either. You are a person that has wonderful qualites, especially if he was willing to marry you and have a child with you. He is failing to recognize your qualities. Keep yourself on the right track like you have been doing and you can never go wrong. If he wants to belittle you, always remember it's not you. It's him. It's sad and you think, how can you get away from this or change it? It's hard to make those decisions. Sorry, if I couldn't be of any help but I'm willing to talk if you want to. 

Name: bf to pj | Date: Jul 14th, 2006 3:58 PM
i am so thankful i can talk to someone about this, cause i really have noone, he has caused me to distance myself from my family because of the way i was treated growing up. alot of times i get to the point that i go in my room and ask god why he has chosen this path for me, how much can one person take? i find myself saying that i hate my husband. when we fight he know all the right things to say to back me in the corner and turn it around to be my fault. he has a degree in psychology so i think he tries to pull his mind games with me...it sounds like you have had a hard time too and it takes a strong person to admit when they have a harmful addiction, ive had those too as well as my ex husband and it was so hard to break, but thats why alot of times i feel i owe my husband so much for taking me away from all that and helping me and my older son out.. we as mothers cannot allow our children to suffer for our mistakes and i find myself taking it out on my children sometimes...i just either need to shut up and leave or stick around till theres nothing left of me.... 

Name: kf | Date: Jul 15th, 2006 1:47 AM
I have rsponded to this post at an earlier date. Just got my comp back up and running. To all you gals out there, hang in there. Tonight my soon to be ex is out with his ex that was before me. The drunk and druggie that he couldn't stand who still had her mail sent to our house during our 10 year marriage. Here's the thing. i have moved on and found someone else and we live together. The ex asked our son questions still about me but he doesn't want me to know anything. I knew he was going out with others and I'll be honest, they were not that attractive. The ex before me, the drunk, well she's blonde, blue eyes, looks great and very well developed. Why would I be mad when I don't love him and would never go back? I think maybe a respect thing. I feel like he should still respect that we live in a small community and knowing she was part of the reason, it's just rubbing it in. Anyone been through this and can give me any suggestions. I'm not jealous over her because of what she does and who she is. Is it right that I still ask that he don't flaunt it about out of respect? May sound crazy since I have moved on and me and my boyfriend moved in together but he is the one that left me and the family and abandoned us. 

Name: crazydazee | Date: Jul 15th, 2006 2:55 AM
need advice! married 14 years. found out hes cheating. sees her a few times a week. now he wants to move out to be on his own. he is definately not living with her. but, he isnt sure if he wants to be married or move on his life with her. he says hes not in love with her. but that she makes him feel good and she spends money on him like crazy!!! he said the marriage isnt over and he doesnt want a divorce...he just wants to be on his own for awhile and then maybe we can start getting to know eachother again and work on our marriage. he tells his parents...that who knows he might hate being on his own and move home in a month or two. help me! advice please!!! 

Name: kf | Date: Jul 15th, 2006 6:42 AM
crazydazy, i went thru that too. Don't belive it. It's actually like giving him permission to do it. I could be wrong, he could be different. Mine said that at first just to ease out of it but it was only false hope and him playing head games. He new i would say or do anything to keep him there. It was so hard at first but it's hard to work on your marriage if you are apart. It's hard to have a marriage with no trust. Listen to your head and your thoughts instead of his words. if ya wanna chat you can insant message me on Aim: it's wancheseattitude or you can email me at [email protected] 

Name: Bee | Date: Jul 16th, 2006 4:26 AM
I have the same situiation like you. But my husband dont want to love me anymore because he dont want to responsibility in anything. He dont want to take care of me or have jobs. But he want to having fun with his friends. It is so sad. 

Name: JenCarpeDiem | Date: Jul 17th, 2006 2:02 PM
Don't start the "he doesn't love me - he MUST be cheating!" thing. It's a pathetic excuse for not realising it sooner. My mother did EXACTLY the same thing and convinced me to hate my father, for reasons that turned out to be complete lies. She even went so far as to buy a baby monitor so she could 'listen in' on the 'secret phone conversations' she imagined and apparently recorded, but never let anyone else listen to! Odd that.

If you can't talk to him, which I'm guessing you can't since you're posting on a forum full of strangers who don't seem to know how to use their own lanauge properly, divorce him. Don't you DARE stay together "for the kids", it does FAR more harm the good, and what's the point in staying in a relationship that isn't working? 

Name: YMe??? | Date: Jul 26th, 2006 6:13 PM
My husband and I only been married for 2 months. He and I rushed into our marriage due to him being in the military and the arrival of our son. Now that he is back from the service he and I have been stressing about bills and everything. Now my husband is making comments to me that he wishes we didn't get married because we got along better while we were dating. Also, my mother-in-law has been telling me that we made a mistake getting married and for us to get a divorce. I don't want to because I know the first couple of years are always the hardest. I don't know what to do? 

Name: tracy | Date: Jul 27th, 2006 10:59 AM
I am so scared an confused, my husband says he doesn't love me like a husband should love a wife and he has'nt for a long time. We have been married for 7 1/2 yrs.,we have a 4yr.(girl) 5yr.(boy), 6yr(girl) and my step son is 10yrs.He says he wants me to be like the girl he feel in love with .We dated for 3 months got married. We went to school together since the first grade an had a crush on eachother. I moved away in the 7th grade. Met up again feel in love. Then a month after being married got pregnant.I had to go off my meds for deppression and anxiety,etc. the pregnant again then again. Not expected we have never again been able to be just us ever again. He says he hates the weight and scars etc., my attitude. He says he is not attracted to a fat chick who nags and bitches all the time and i need to make money.How can I do that when my pay would just cover the daycare.He keeps telling me i am afruit cake,shut up,
I make him sick and feels guilty when we have sex or i give him bj. cause he is not attracted. has not been since i was first pregnant.That I really messed him up there is so much more but i am too scared and tierd to say 

Name: pj754 to YMe??? | Date: Jul 28th, 2006 2:48 PM
It sounds to me like your mother-in-law and hubby are being very mean to you. They are not giving you a chance to be a good wife/mother. Do you know if he's seeing someone else on the side? Something just doesn't sound right. Your husband is telling you that you both got along better because you were dating! Well, that's because he has responsibility not only to you but your child, too. He's afraid of that or isn't willing to step up to the plate. His responsibility isn't going to change if you do divorce. He still has an obligation to your child. You need to look at the broad picture. If he isn't willing to stick out and get through the bumps in the road, I don't believe he's going to change. Yet, if he shows some signs of trying to work things out, try your hardest to make it work. Having a child does change the setting. It's very hard to get back to just you and him because you have a baby that requires all of your attention. However, you can set up a night of just mommy and daddy for alone time together. Have the mother-in-law watch the baby or someone in your family. Your bills are always going to be there but that's where your husband needs to figure out how to get through that. Newly wed couples have struggles with finances in the beginning of their marriages. It's the love the two of you share that will help to get past it. I'm sure you don't have the money to go places but plan evenings at home once your child goes to bed and do some fun things with your husband. Cook him a nice dinner, play cards together, joke and laugh with each other. If you can do those type of things without spending money, you have something strong to hold onto. You have to see how he reacts to the things you try. Just because his mom thinks you should divorce is not a reason to just give up. Remember, daddy needs his wife, too. When my fiance and I had our daughter 8 months ago, it was a strain on our relationship. My body ached alot and I was tired all the time. But, as our daughter got past the newborn stages, things got better between the two of us. My fiance was feeling neglected. He thought I didn't love him anymore. However, that wasn't the case, my body didn't bounce back like when I had my first child 13 years ago. He was a new daddy and didn't realize what a woman goes through until I thoroughly explained things to him. Show him some attention if you can and include him in the things you do with the baby. Just maybe, he wants to feel apart of the bond you and your baby have. Give it a try and if you've already tried somethings, try doing things out of the ordinary that will blow his mind. Remember, having a new baby is very new to the both of you. Keep me posted as to what happens. I certainly hope things will change for the better. Ignore the mother-in-law. That's her boy and she sounds like she isn't willing to give him up to you. Think positive about the good things you have in your life. Your health, a healthy baby, etc.... 

Name: pj754 to kf | Date: Jul 28th, 2006 3:07 PM
Your ex is purposely trying to rub your nose in his new life style. He can't except the fact that you have moved on. Just let do his thing. Ignore what he does or says because he isn't worth the air he breaths. You have the right attitude, he left you and his family. That's his mistake and he has to live with that for the rest of his life. Focusing on the positive things in your life is making you the better person. Your new relationship is more important that your ex will ever be. Unfortunately, he couldn't see past the cloud he was in when he was with you. I hope things with your new boyfriend will be something you should of had in the first place, a man that loves you more than himself. All you can do is laugh and snicker about him flaunting himself. Put on the happy face and don't let him see any signs of it getting the best of you. He's trying to see just how you will react. Telling him to stop will only make him do it more. Enjoy yourself and your new life. You deserve it!!! 

Name: pj754 to tracy | Date: Jul 28th, 2006 3:27 PM
You husband is being very selfish. Telling you he hasn't loved you because your body has changed from having babies is a poor excuse. You can't be the girl he fell in love with because you had 3 children close together and your body takes time to get back to normal. What he is telling you is, he's wants the girl, who had the figure of before babies! He is being very narrow minded. Losing the baby weight is very hard to do. Believe me, I've tried. My ex husband said the same thing to me. He said he was going to divorce me if I get fat. I felt ok, if that's how I can get rid of him then I won't lose the weight. Well, I ended up losing most of the weight but I still was hurt by his comment. We ended up divorcing for other circumstances. His comment just showed me how rude he was and still is. As for you, if your husband doesn't love you anymore, then why isn't he getting the divorce he wants? Is the thought of paying child support an issue with him? My ex said and did the same things. I didn't work either while raising my children and had no income what so ever. However, I knew I would do what ever I had to for my children's sake. Don't let him mentally beat you up!!! You are a good person. Just because you have to take medication doesn't mean you can't be a good mom/wife. These are just excuses he's using to hurt you. You need to be strong for your children. You have to decide for yourself, what will make you happy??? It doesn't sound like he is. It's a tough step especially when there are children involved but you will come out on top through all of this. Hang in there and think about the good things you have to look forward to. Your children and the love you can give no matter what mountains you have to climb over. When they get older, they will see for themselves and be thankful for the person you are. 

Name: pj to b.f. | Date: Jul 28th, 2006 3:56 PM
Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. Listen, you don't have to just shut up. You are an individual that should be treated like an adult. You have voice that can be heard. I tried the same thing your thinking about doing now. I learned to just keep my mouth shut and just go along with things to avoid fights. But you know what? It didn't help. The feelings just kept on festuring inside of me until I couldn't take it anymore. Granted, my ex didn't have the psychology degree but he was a master at mind games. Of course, I was the one, who was accused of playing mind games instead of him. I, too, would take my frustration out on the children but that was when I realized it was healthy for anyone of us. Two out of three of my children thank me everyday for getting out when I did. They tell me they love me more than they ever did. My 12 year old daughter says she is so proud of me. She saw my addiction and could feel I was dying inside. Now, she feels so much more happier with her life and my new life and thanks me for making the change. It's funny how children have a way of telling you what is wrong and are hoping you will do something about it. I didn't realize when I hurt, they hurt, too. It's a tough road with a lot of bumps but you can be strong and stand on your own two feet. Only you can decide when your ready for such a change. Yes, your husband helped you recover for things you didn't want to be a part of but making you change into something you disagree with doesn't help you. He should know this. The demons inside of me want to pop up every now and then but I try very hard not to allow it. No matter how much my ex throws my way. Especially, when he uses the children for his own personal benefit to get at me. Now, I'm able to handle things a lot better than I did. I'm able to voice my opinion and feel good about it. My ex is puzzled by my actions of standing up for myself and this gets under his skin. If your family treated you badly be careful of them tearing you down. I had to distance myself from them because of all the negativity. Yet, I have soon to be new in-laws, who is a much better support system. Don't give up on the good things you have, like your children. Everything else will come to you down the road. I've had to start over from scratch which I worried endlessly about. Yet I did make it through. There were somethings I couldn't change and I stopped dwelling I those things. I looked towards the things I could. Once things started to turn around, I was able to feel much better about myself. You can do this too. I will talk with you anytime just email me if you want [email protected]

Name: Lisa | Date: Jul 29th, 2006 11:51 PM
My husband did the same thing! Except he said mother. I have always let him do what he wants to do! He came back and last night we made love but today he is very cool toward me. Just know that I am also going through this. And I Also am lost, dazed and confused! 

Name: SFG | Date: Jul 31st, 2006 11:33 PM
This site is scary. I'm engaged to be married early next year and am having some doubts. Now to read all these stories and wonder whether I'll be joining you for real in a year or even 20 years. 

Name: pj754 to Lisa | Date: Aug 1st, 2006 12:36 PM
I know how frustrating this is for you!! Always remember, you have feelings and he needs to understand it. Let your voice be heard. Sometimes, we have to give in more than we would like to but that's what makes us loving caring individuals. Most of the time, we have to overlook the minor things and focus on the major things. It's very hard for couples to work things out, especially if one partner isn't willing to meet you half way. Sometimes you have to just put the little things that bother you in the back of your mind. Focus on the positive things you truly have in your life and expand on them. During my marriage, I kept myself busy with the house, yardwork, the children and other friends that care about me. That's probably why I lasted as long as I did in my marriage. However, when I realized he wasn't willing to change on his own for our needs together, that's when I new our relationship wasn't right. Thankfully, I was able to have a second chance in a new relationship that means alot to me. I'm not saying all husbands are the same. You will know it in your heart. If you've done everything possible to work together and he's unwilling to do so, you have to try keeping yourself busy with something else. I hate to say divorce is always the answer because I was feeling alot of regret when I was going through mine. Yet, my ex was abusive to me mentally and physically. I wasn't going put up with being treated that way. I don't do if what I said has helped. Just keep venting to us if you need to. 

Name: pj754 to SFG | Date: Aug 1st, 2006 12:48 PM
I can tell you to definitely evaluate your relationship before you commit. Does he treat you better than himself? If he does, you know you have a good thing going. Is he able to handle big problems on his own? Does he go out of his way to make you feel special? Do you fight alot? Does he confide in you about things that bother him? Does he just take off somewhere without telling you? Does he include you in any decisions he needs to make or just does what he wants? Does he ask your opinion on what you think and process what you say? Is he willing to listen to what you have to say and realize maybe you were right? These are questions you need to ask yourself. These kinds of questions are things that I will explain to my daughter to ask when her time comes. Divorce is a pain in the butt so, if you have your answers to these types of questions already, you can see what's in store for your furture with your partner. Although, beware of the type, who keep any kind of frustrations and anger hidden. Speaking from experience, my ex never displayed his anger the whole time we were dating. He always acted calm and cool when I thought he should get upset. I expected him to get upset but he never showed it, until after I married. Then oh, buddy, was I in for a rude awakening. I'm sure your situation might not be the case but it is something to think about. I hope this helps and if you happen to be on this site down the road, it's ok. This is a wonderful venting place. 

Name: R | Date: Aug 1st, 2006 8:40 PM
I had a similar thing happen to me, my husband who is a minister, shut me out of his life for four days and on the fifth tells me that he loves me but he is not in love with me anymore. He says he has felt like this for months but his actions showed differently. I havent seen, heard or fully suspected someone else but I am puzzled why all of a sudden he decides he wants to seperate. I still love my husband and I am praying that God shows me what to do, but for some reason I feel that my husband is overwhelmed with the responsibility of being a husband. I have four kids and he has three but only three of them are in the home. He has been gone for about 1 1/2 and only took a weeks worth or work clothes and one Sunday outfit.. He says that he isnt sure if our marriage was ordained by God and refuses to discuss Biblical scriptures with me. Just hang in there until you know exactly what you want to do 

Name: Erika | Date: Aug 2nd, 2006 4:32 AM
You could try marriage councilling, but if he is truely not committed to your marriage, you and your children deserve a better life, it is no fun for your kids to live in a house of hate and discontent, parents who fight all the time do not realize what it does to the kids and how the kids end up as adults feeling that it was all their fault good luck and god bless 

Name: Lisa | Date: Aug 3rd, 2006 11:27 PM
Here I am again. I truly love my husband but I throughly believe he has lost his way and his mind. He has told me that I am a great wife and mother and also that I am the greatest person he has ever met. But he also says that he has lost himself and thinks that he would be a better dad if it was only part time. I told him that is a cop out and that it was a choice we both wanted when we had kids. He does tell me he loves me but I'm still getting that cold feeling from him. He tells me he feels like he is just a provider and not a part of this family but what does he expect. He chose to not do stuff with us, we would have loved to have him. He has agreed to go to marriage counseling and says he will be open and honest during it. I scheduled our first appointment for Tuesday. I am hoping the therapist will help not only us but him. I truly believe he does love me but that he is very depressed. Sometimes he says he just wants to go away from everybody and everything. To me that says depression. It is hard to have to go through all of this and still get my homework done. We had a plan. I would go to school and get my degree. Then he could quit the job he hates and get something lesser paying that makes him happy. I have started writing in a journal that I hide from everybody. For anybody going through this, try it, it helps you. After I write I can actually sleep. Big plus. The kids still do not know that anything is going on. My sons are starting school and I didn't want it to ruin it for them.
Luckily, I do have a very close friend and family who know and are there for me. Thanks Ladies for letting me vent. It does help! 

Name: pj754 to Lisa | Date: Aug 4th, 2006 12:03 AM
Your husband does sound like he has depression. If he's very unhappy with his job and doesn't feel like doing any kind of activites, he is definately depressed. Has he thought about seeing the doctor? For a long time, I had battle bouts of depression. It wasn't until this year that I went to the doctor to inquire. Sure enough, I was diagnosed and he put me on a prescription that doesn't have any side affects except for being thirsty. After about 2 months, I have noticed a difference. Also, I don't feel as tired all the time. Explain to your husband that it's ok to admit he may have drepression and it's ok for him to get some help with it. If he's afraid of his ego, no one has to know about it. He probably feels likes he's stuck in a rut and nothing seems to help him to get out. 

Name: Lisa | Date: Aug 4th, 2006 1:10 AM
That's exactly his wording. He is one of those people who have a serious fear of doctors and mistrusts therapist but I am hoping that the marriage therapist we are seeing
(who also specializes in depression) will see it and help him and our family. Sometimes tough guys just won't help themselves. Thanks! Atleast I think I am on the right track! 

Name: pj to Lisa | Date: Aug 4th, 2006 2:55 PM
If the therapist doesn't diagnose him right away, he can see his regular doctor and explain how he is feeling. The doctor will ask him some questions and by his response of what you said, he will more than likely prescribe some medication. It will take about 6 weeks for it to fully be in his system but it should help. Both my doctor and therapist diagnosed me with depression. So, having two opinions is better than one. Yes, you are on the right track. Just reassure him, your are trying to help in anyway you can. I was scared to death about discussing this with a doctor, family, friends and loved ones because I didn't want anyone to think I was a cracker. I was seriously afraid my ex would find out and try to use it against me while taking care of our children. I worried for nothing and all is well. Depression has become more common these days and the medical profession is aware of it. I do hope it will help your husband. Goodluck and keep us posted. 

Name: lwinters | Date: Aug 5th, 2006 6:30 AM
Thanks PJ! Unfortunately, he doesn't want my help. He only wants to drink and see a friend of his so that he can forget! This is hard to live with. I hope I can make it to our therapy session on Tuesday. 

Name: danielle | Date: Aug 26th, 2006 2:29 AM
dont give up on it yet, he may realize what he has. if he is committed he will find those feelings for you again. i didnt love my husband but i prayed and stayed with him and one day it just clicked, i loved him so much, dont give up and pray for direction. 

Name: Ann | Date: Aug 28th, 2006 6:14 AM
Dump him before it is too late. 

Name: Jamie | Date: Aug 30th, 2006 3:47 AM
WHAT A SELFISH BASTARD! He doesn't love you but it is okay to impregnate you! ? Get away from this trash. Believe me, his boss is just you a few years ago -- if anything happens with them its temporary. Once a pig always a pig. 

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